Once upon a time, many centuries ago, young Perseus from the island of Sifnos came to the island of Crete on trading business. Walking through the streets of beautiful Chania, he met a girl no less beautiful than the island of Crete. Perseus fell in love with a stranger at first sight, but she did not pay any attention. The beauty was as cold as a white wine from a cold cellar on a hot day. Nothing impressed her - neither the gifts brought by the servants from the ship of Perseus nor the young and hot Perseus himself.

Having failed, Perseus, dejected, returned to the ship, when suddenly an old man came out to meet him.

“I know how to help your trouble,” said the old man. - Beauty AGAPI is enchanted, her name means "love", but she cannot feel it. She can be awakened by creating something as beautiful and perfect as herself. And with these words, the old man disappeared.

Perseus stood puzzled… And then the answer came to him. He remembered how his father told him as a child that there is nothing in the world more perfect than olive oil. And to achieve the perfect taste, there must be 105 olives in a bowl of oil, and they must be collected throughout Greece since each island has its unique taste of olives. Anticipating a quick victory, Perseus ran back to the ship and, having ordered the mooring lines to be given, went to collect olives. He sailed for 7 days and 7 nights, landing on the islands and going in search of olive trees. When he found an olive tree, he took only one, the ripest olive, avoiding the temptation to pick more and quickly complete his difficult mission. Until, finally, the barrel of olives was filled to the brim with ripe and tasty fruits - there were exactly 105 of them. And Perseus returned with a bowl of olive oil to the beautiful AGAPI. She tasted the wonderful oil of perfect taste and looked at Perseus with different eyes. And they immediately played a magnificent wedding, which was served with olive oil of perfect taste and a host of other gastronomic delights that Greece is famous for.

In the same way, we hand-pick all the best on the island of Crete, preparing for each of our guests a wonderful cocktail of emotions and impressions with the perfect taste and aftertaste.